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    Interesting Fact About Paxil Birth Defect Lawsuits

    There have been quite a few lawsuits over birth defects in children whose mothers took Paxil during pregnancy.  The birth defects have been quite severe, including such rare heart problems as Tricuspid Valve Stenosis.

    What's interesting is that Paxil only came on the market in 1992.  That was exactly 18 years ago.  In most (if not all) states, if a minor is injured, his or her statute of limitations doesn't start to run until the age of majority.  That means that all or almost all children who were injured because their mother took Paxil are eligible to file a lawsuit. 

    That's extremely rare for drugs that have been on the market for more than a few years.  Take Reglan, for example.  That drug has been on the market for decades, and because of that, there are tons of people who were injured by it who can't sue because the typical two-year statute of limitation is blown.

    I'm hearing rumors that many (if not most) of the original Paxil birth defect lawsuits have settled, and now Paxil lawyers are gearing up for another round of litigation.  At least there won't be any statute of limitations problems.


    Motorola Workers Allege That Chemicals Caused Birth Defects

    A lawsuit filed in Cook County, Illinois alleges that Motorola knowingly exposed workers to dangerous chemicals, and as a result of those exposures, the workers' children had birth defects:

    According to the lawsuit, their collective employment period stretches between 1965 and 2007. The filing enumerates a variety of physical disabilities and developmental problems suffered by the employees’ children, including cerebral palsy, autism, blindness, spina bifida, language delays and epilepsy.

    Source: Ex-workers sue Motorola over kids’ birth defects | Chicago Breaking Business 

    Birth defect lawsuits can be very difficult to win.  Just ask the Daubert family.